Sports Betting Site Bonuses

Get ready to learn about one of the most exciting parts of using an online sportsbook...the sportsbook bonuses and other perks provided to entice users to sign up, or keep playing. Keep it clicked here as we are going to walk you through everything you need to know about bonuses that are available at various online sportsbooks that accept U.S. players. The legal sports betting sites that we review are all involved in a very competitive industry and as such, they are constantly trying to find new ways to attract new members and keep the members they have.

In this guide to sports betting bonuses, our staff will cover different aspects of bonuses and show users what bonuses are available and how they work. When you are finished, you will know much more about the bonuses these sites offer including info about all the different types of bonuses at sports betting sites so that you get the most appealing bonus right out of the gate. In addition, readers will learn about bonus restrictions and what it will take to turn online sportsbook bonuses into real cash they can put in their pockets. Let's get started!

Types of Sportsbook Bonuses & Promotions

Because of the competition between sites, there is a wealth of bonuses available for new members to your favorite sportsbook. With most sites, you will receive some kind of welcome bonus where the site will match your deposit by a percentage. There is usually a limit to the amount of money that they will match but the site will give you the details. Once you are a member, the sites try to make sure to keep their members from leaving to try other sites so they will offer reload bonuses as well. It is cheaper to keep a customer than to find a new one so they want to maintain their relationships with existing members. We will cover other bonuses as well. The important thing is to know that they are out there and that you can use them for some free money.

Welcome / First Deposit Bonuses

Attracting new members is extremely important to most online sportsbooks. They therefore offer welcome bonuses to attract new players. This can be a great opportunity for you as you can get some free money to spend. It’s nice to make some bonus cash on the site from the free incentives they offer. The bonuses will usually range from 25% to 50% and will have a total value of between $250 and $1,000. There is usually a coupon code to enter when making your sports betting site deposit to get the bonus. Check your site of choice for the specifics on how they want things done.

Some of the bonuses will credit to your account immediately while others will be added incrementally. It’s important to check out the fine print on each site to make sure that you want to take advantage of the offer presented. The reason you must present a coupon code is so that you can opt out if you aren’t comfortable with the terms and conditions.

Reload / Re-deposit Bonuses

The great thing is that the rewards don’t stop just because you have already signed up. Reload bonuses keep on going, and in many cases they last throughout your entire membership. Just as with when implementing a welcome bonus, users will need to enter a coupon code when it’s time to reload their account. These bonuses are usually for up to a 25% match and can range up to $1,000. It’s best to check the site for terms and conditions just as you did with the welcome bonus. Many sites offer other kinds of bonuses including reduced juice, live betting free plays, and MLB dime lines. They will explain all of these in detail on the promotions pages of the sites.

The main thing to note is that there is always some promotion going on that you can take advantage of. So get started and see what kind of swag is available.

Other Bonuses: Freeplay, Reduced Juice, etc...

It’s important to check the promotions page on your favorite online sportsbook because they are constantly adding new rewards and bonuses. One site may have 10-cent MLB lines while another offers 5-cent lines overnight. The reduced juice promotions mean that instead of wagering $110 to win $100 you will only be wagering $105 to win $100, which is a discount that adds up. Over the life of your betting, which could be thousands of bets, this could add up to big money. Some sites offer refer a friend bonuses where you can get up to 200% of your friend’s initial deposit up to $100. This is good for as many friends as you refer.

Other bonuses include mobile sports betting free plays. You place your first bet on the mobile site from your tablet or smartphone and if your bet loses, the site will reimburse you up to $50. As we said these promotions change frequently, so make sure to check things out on the site.

Sportsbook Bonus Wagering Requirements - Terms & Conditions

As you have probably guessed these sites could not stay in business if they just gave away free money all the time. These online sportsbooks have had to place these conditions on the bonuses. One of the reasons is that in the early days players were gaming the system and setting up multiple accounts so they could get free money. Again, each site is different and has their own rules and regulations about cashing in on the bonuses. There is usually a minimum deposit requirement to take advantage of the welcome and lifetime bonuses.

You must use any existing free plays before claiming any new ones. There may be rollover requirements involved with the promotions, and many times there are limits on how frequently the bonuses can be paid out. If you click on the terms and conditions at any of these sites, you will see all the details involved in online sportsbook withdrawals.

Sportsbook Bonus Codes

Bonus codes, alpha-numerical strings, are required to take advantage of most of these promotions depending on which sportsbook is consulted. This is to keep players from just signing up because they think they are getting free money. In order to claim a bonus, the user must input the proper bonus code into the corresponding field within cashier section when making a qualifying deposit. Sometimes the sportsbook will simply send an email link and users will need to enter the bonus code in the subject line of an email to the sportsbook's cashier after they have successfully deposited, or fulfilled the terms and conditions for claiming said bonus. Bonus codes for sportsbooks will be different for each sports betting site, and each promotion within the same site may have its own individual bonus code. You’ll definitely want to check all the specifics at your favorite USA sportsbook to make sure you are getting all of the bonuses you are entitled to.

Legal Sportsbooks With The Best Bonuses

We hope that this page has given you a little more information about the bonus types available on your favorite legal sportsbook in the US. Remember that they change on each site and that there are specific terms and conditions for each one. You will definitely want to read the fine print so you can see if you want to take advantage of these promotions. As long as you do, we are sure that you will have a great experience, and maybe even get some free money to spend. Next, we are going to introduce you to one of our favorite sites with the best bonuses.

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